Sunday, January 29, 2012

Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt

And so it begins. Some friends and I decided to start our Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt Blocks finally. There's a group that we all joined that's already started last year. So they're on block #60 or something...

We set a goal of 4 blocks a month. There are 111 blocks in all.  Crazy?  I know.  I decided to try this to get back to the basics.  I haven't done many of them and they are definitely out of my comfort zone...I made these last night.  I tried paper piecing for the first time and I love it! It wasn't bad at all.

The fabric I decided to use was my DS Quilts Daisy Mae.  I finished 2 blocks. #1 Attic Windows & #3 Basketweave. I think my layout is backwards on the basketweave block, but that's what I get for sewing at midnight....  I can't wait to show you more. 


Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Busy 2011

2011 for me was a year full of happy sewing and quilting. 

My goal was to make 6 quilts and I accomplished my mission!  :)

Click here for more details...

My goal for 2012 is to make 12 quilts. 

This is not a stretch considering all my WIPs....  Eeek!

More details here....

Now, that I'm only in 1 quilting bee, this is very realistic. 

Heck, I already have 1 done for the year and it's mid January.  :)

So a dozen quilts it is!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another New Quilt

So now that I finished my first big quilt.  Taylor said that she wants me to make her a rainbow quilt.  She says that she will use the 'Star one' for now.  Gheez, what a demanding 6 year old....  Does she think that I can just make another queen size quilt in 3 weeks?!?!  Yes, she does....  LOL!  :)

So here I go again...  I just finished pulling her fabrics.

Pattern?  Yes, HST's arranged in a fun way.... 

The master has cracked the whip.  Let the sewing begin....  :)


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Big Quilt

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone's holidays were wonderful. 

I'm so sorry I haven't blogged yet this year.  I have a really good excuse.  I've been working every night on my first big quilt.  I started on December 19th and I hand stitched the last inch of binding on Sunday.  That's exactly 3 weeks!  Oh and get this.... I hand quilted it!!!  That part definitely took the longest!  (This Amish alter ego seems to take over alot.  I think I should name her....Annie!  Annie it is...)

So, here it is!  :)  These are white wonky stars arranged in a interlocking pattern. 

Measurements are 90" x 90" (queen size).  

All Hand Quilted...

Here's the back.   

I did the reverse of what I did in the front. 

The fabric used was DS Quilts Picnic & Fairgrounds and Kona White. 
Both were purchased from Joann Fabrics.

My inspiration was this beautiful mini quilt by Faith

I saw it while browsing through Fresh Modern Quilts. 

If you ever need some inspiration, you can find some seriously amazing work there. 

Thanks for letting me share my latest work.  :)