Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fabric Folding Tutorial

I'm thrilled to finally have my fabric stashed organized.  
It's a New Year.... so let's get organized!
I recently bought some storage shelves and boxes from Ikea

I ended up separating my stash by color. 
Oh, did I mention each box fits about 90 yards?!?!
You'll see.....

My stash was pretty masssive, so I made this.  I used cardboard and drew a  12" mark.

This is a yard of apple fabric. 
Open up your yard (length = 22" because it's already folded, width = 36")
Place your cardboard in the middle.

Bring one end up to the 12" line. 

Fold the other side.  You will end up folding a yard into 1/3's.

Then fold over...  your piece should measure 11" x 12".

Place your folded fabric in your box with the selvage ends at the bottom (like this).

Now start stacking...

add more....

I'm almost done, but there's still room for more. 
Leave about an 1inch or so of space at the top.
Otherwise, it will be too hard to pull out your fabric later. 

All done!  My box is full! This is roughly 90 yards... 
(Most of these are 1 yard cuts, but others are more than that.) 
How many did I fill up?  Oh, I think I'll plead the 5th....  : /

Now get some boxes and get organized!!!
Have fun and Happy Sewing!  :)


  1. Brilliant! The day I finally make a trek to Ikea is going be a spendy one...

  2. THis is so cool! I love folding my fabrics! Okay, well maybe not folding them but seeing them all folded and in color order etc. It's close to seeing the big jars filled with all kinds of candy at Knott's Berry Farm General Store...and that is amazing! I will be giving you tutorial way a try!

  3. I have a couple of questions. How long and how wide is your cardboard?? Also how do you fold your other, smaller, cuts, other than 1 yard and larger? I just got IKEA cubbies and want to fold it all the same. LOVE this idea, but please help.

  4. Wondering the same about larger sized 2-3yrds and how to modify for those. 90 yards- frightening really when you put it that way!.