Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fabric Wreath

Hope your thanksgiving was full of F words!  Friends, family, food & fun!  ;)  

How cool is this wreath?!?!  I saw a bunch of these on Pinterest and decided to make one. 

I bought a metal wire wreath from Michael's.  You can get them at Joann's too.   They cost around $5 and just for reference, this one is 24" wide. 

I used almost all my green scraps up!  I cut my strips in varying widths & lengths.  Width - .75" - 1.25". Lengths -
5" - 8". 

I looped them around the metal wire part and jammed in as much as I could in each section.  I noticed the more fabric you use, the better it looks at the end. 

A couple hours later, I was done!  And I'm loving it!!!  :D  

Hope you make one too!  Have a wonderful weekend. 


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