Sunday, January 23, 2011

Call me a cheater...

That's right. I admit it. I'm cheating!

I decided to make my niece a quilt for her birthday. It's Feb. 7th and she lives in Texas.  That means I'm running out of TIME! and that's why I'm cheating....

I'm going to use this beauty of a panel.  It's Fairy Tip Toes by Tina Givens.   I bought this because I thought it was a steal for $2.49! Yes, $2.49!  :)   The best part is that I'm going to actually use it. Unlike all the other stuff I get that ends up just sitting in my fabric box. (I would totally show you my stash, but it's really embarrassing. One of you might call "hoarders" on me...)

So here's the panel. Cute, isn't it?!?!

Here's a close up....

Since cheating is contagious, I decided to do another one. Check it out:

I was going use this for binding, but realized that it too would make a great quilt for a little girl. So be it.

Who wouldn't want this?!?

Overall, I do feel bad for not doing the piecing and all, but I promise to make it a stunner. 
Stay posted...  More progress to follow.

oxox, Sunny

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  1. That panel is great, can't wait to see the finished piece!