Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kona Solids Challenge

Kona Solids Challenge, originally uploaded by sunnyauh.

At out last Guild meeting earlier this month, Latifah and Alyssa  got all of us kona charm packs for a mini challenge. We have to make a small quilt with one solid and one solid for binding. Im a little excited about this challenge because Ive always wanted to do something with solids! Now I get to really play! Now sure what to do right now... Still need to think about it.

Oh, and kudos to Robert Kaufman for their generosity. They are providing all the modern quilt guilds with these. How awesome is that?!?


  1. I really wish my town was big enough for a guild. There is one in Brighton, but that's about an hour away. :(

  2. LeeAnn, my guild is not around the corner either. It takes me a good 45 minutes to get to my meetings. The weekend sews would take me way over an hour. There are quite a few girls that live over an hour away. Don't let distance shy you away! Try 1 meeting. They let you attend one meeting for free before they start asking for dues. You are going to meet some really great people. Plus,nI'm so much of a better quilter because of my guild! So much inspiration... Seriously! Join the guild online for sure so you can see discussions.