Sunday, August 14, 2011

Denyse Schmidt Workshop

I was lucky enough to take a beginner's improv class with Denyse Schmidt.  When my guild asked if there was any interest in taking a class with Denyse, I thought I was going to faint...  I asked my husband if we could take a family trip to the east coast so I could take one of Denyse's classes.  He said yes.  Now, we don't need to take that trip.  We still might though...

Anyway, back to the workshop....  First of all, Denyse is every bit as awesome and nice as she seems.  She's very laid back and such a great teacher.  I thought I knew how to make an improv quilt.  I was wondering what I would gain from this class.  Boy, did I learn alot!  Using what I have, curves, but the biggest lesson I learned was to "LET GO".  It was so 'freeing' once I did so. 

Here are the first 2 blocks I made only using the fabric that Denyse provided.  Notice the natural curves?  That because I didn't use my ruler.  That was pretty cool too!

Here are the other blocks I made using fabric that I brought.  It's the KJR green posies.  On the bottom left block, I used the wrong side of the fabric by accident.  Denyse saw what I did and said, "Just go with it".  I was like "REALLY?!?!?" So I did and I'm happy to say that I love that block.

I made 2 more blocks a few weeks ago. 
I decided to to turn these blocks into a wall hanging / art quilt that I'll hang in my sewing space. 

It will go nicely with this photo. 

(photo courtesy of Maria.)

Thanks so much for vsiting us, Denyse!!!  You are truly a Rock Star! 

DS, We love you!


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