Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kaffe Fassett in LA

In my opinion, you can't be a quilter and not know who Kaffe Fassett is. A few months ago, I was shopping at one of my favorite LQS's,  Momen+ and I saw this. 

I love color and have always been a fan of Kaffe Fassett's work.  He showed us much of his work (early and current) and his inspiration for his designs.  It was so interesting to find out that he hand stitches everything and hate to use a sewing machine.  He showed us pictures of his design studio and artwork.  I found his pictures to be full of color and so lively.  He is a wonderful artist, desginer and a bad ass knitter!

At the end of his talk, he signed my book.  I was truly inspired....


PS, Lizzy House will be in LA in May!  I can't wait!!! 

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