Monday, November 7, 2011

NO More Naked Tree

I know it's early Novmber, but Christmas ALWAYS seems to creep up on me.  Shortly after Halloween, we celebrate my birthday, my daughter's birthday & then Thanksgiving. 
This year, I'd like to have my home decorated on black Friday.  It's a new goal of mine! 
Hopefully, I can turn it into a tradition. 

So a couple weeks ago, I cut up some red and green strips.....

And turned it into this!!!

It's ready to be quilted! 

Can you tell, I'm excited about decorating my home this year?!?!

More photos to follow when I'm all done.



  1. Jen. this is amazing.
    Did you use a pattern for this?

  2. Thanks LIB! :) No pattern. I did it the same way, I did my Spiderweb Block - My Way. Just teaked it a bit. I cut off the background and the tip... I can do another post if you want me to show you.