Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chair Makeover!

I had a very busy morning. I finally got off my butt and gave my dining room chair a makeover!

I bought these chairs when I boughy my first condo in 1998!  (Yes, I'm that old!)  This not the original upholstry.  It was an awful plaid before I changed it to this.  Unfortuanately, I don't have a photo to show you because I didn't have a digital camera back then....LOL!  :)

My kids have managed to messed these up pretty bad... 
Plus, I've been wanting to change these for awhile now.

So, 30 minutes and several staples later... 


Much better!  It makes me smile whenever I look at it! 
1 down 5 more to go!

Ill do a quick tutorial in a couple weeks! :)


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