Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lizzy House in the house!

LAMQG RULES! Seriously...  First Denyse Schmidt, then Anna Maria Horner and now Lizzy House!  Wow! 

I love this girl!  Her designs to me are so whimsical yet beautiful at the same time.  She talked to us and started by saying:  "Everyone here is an artist.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise."  She said this with such emotion.  She later explained how much of a struggle she had at school.  She almost failed her first year.  She wanted to quit, but hung in there and finished.  It's so funny... I would have never thought that about her.

She brought along a few quilts that just blew my mind. 

I knew Outfoxed was colorful, but I didn't realze it had every color of the rainbow until I saw this. 

This one has her Hello Pilgrim line.  I love this one too. 

She spoke with such passion and now I totally see it in her work. In a nutshell, she's awesome.   

Lizzy, I really enjoyed hearing you speak about your career and designs.  \

See you in Austin at QuiltCon


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  1. Awesome! That's some serious quilting royalty ;). I would have been speechless - Lizzy House is my hero!!