Saturday, June 23, 2012

PTS 8 - Pillow Talk Swap - Round 8

I love me some pillows.... so, I'm swapping again!  Plus, I really love all the folks in this swap!  Getting a pillow from any of these swappers is a real treat.

So when I was 'stalking' my partner, it turned out that she and I have very similar tastes.  All of her favorites were ones that I would have made my favorites too.  And, her likes were pretty broad, just like mine!  So, I knew if I made something I adored, she would probably dig it too.'s what I came up with...  

I'm currently working on my Loulouthi quilt that uses this same pattern. 

It's called Curlicue and I re-sized it to make it fit into a 20" x 20" form. 

 I used a ton of Denyse Schmidt fabric with some Suzuko Koseki prints.  

Here's the back.  I used a DS Quilts Daisy Mae print (which happens to be one of my favs).

 I added a zipper and of course, a little label. 

Here's a close up of my quilting. I decided to hand-quilt it.

Yes, Annie (My amish alter ego that makes me hand quilt everything!) took over again!
She kindly suggested that I do a petal / catherdral windows pattern, so I did. 

So, what do you think, Partner?  Do you love it as much as I do?  I hope so! 

This is going to be a tough one to give up.  Please don't laugh at me if I make one for myself.  Okay, you can, just not too loud.... 

Thanks so much for letting me share another project.



  1. Wonderful pillow! Sunny colours, perfect piecing and lovely quilting (and a great label on the back).

  2. Your partner is so lucky - you totally deserve to have one of your own - no laughing going on here!

  3. I love this pillow! I know your partner is going to love it too! I think it's pretty awesome that you have an Amish alter ego. I think I may have to start calling you Annie!

  4. Gorgeous pillow - love the label and the handstitching too.