Friday, June 19, 2020

Attaching them....

There's a tool that you can buy to attach the silicone adjuster that I just posted about.  It looks like a small crochet hook, but I came up with an easy way using a small paper clip. 

1.      Use a small paper clip. 
2.      Open it up. 
3.      The smaller loop will be the hook so give that a pinch, but don’t close it all the way
4.      Open up the larger loop 
5.      Put your silicone adjuster through the larger hole (first) on the larger loop.  
6.      Hook the elastic or cord through the smaller loop. 
7.      Push the adjuster through toward the elastic. 
8.     Pull it through 
9.     That's it!  You're done! 

You can also use a needle & thread like this:

Bobbie pins work great too! Happy Mask Making!  Be safe!


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