Thursday, June 18, 2020

Mask Making Mania!

Hey There!

Its been awhile.  I hope everyone is doing well and is safe.  I have been making nothing but masks since April.  I'm in Southern California so masks are required everywhere we go.  I have been making masks for family and friends and even sold a few online....

So I recently came across these.

A friend of mine has a supplier overseas and was able to find them for me.  If any of you are making masks, you'll know that these are a "GAME CHANGER".  You end up with a perfect fit.

I have 2 styles:  spiral & flat that work great with 1/4" elastic.  They don't work so great with 1/8" elastic.  It's too thin so they tend to slip off.

Sorry!  I set some aside for you guys but those are all sold out!  I'll post if I get some more.


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