Monday, October 10, 2011

The Pillow Talk { Swap } - Round 6

3 posts in one month!!!  What?!?!  I know...  I'm really trying to be better about not neglecting you, Miss Blog! 

Anyway, I decided to participate in The Pillow Talk { Swap } - Round 6.  I've been waiting to participate since I joined the group in January.  There are so many talented folks in this swap.  So getting a pillow from any of these peeps is a real treat. 

It was fun stalking my partner!  I decided to keep the keep my color palette limited to grey, greens, blues & yellows. 

I found some real beauties in my scrap bin!
So here's what I came up with....
 I added a small Kona Coal border and I used some Black Authentic to bind.

I was going to machine quilt this, but my Amish alter ego took over.....  I hand quilted it!  :)

Here's the back....

More Kona Coal with a zipper in the back!  This was my first time putting a zipper on a pillow!  I'm so glad I didn't screw it up...  :)

I added a little label.  I hope my partner doesn't mind...

So that's it!  All done!  I enjoyed making this for you Partner! 
I hope it's a welcome new addition to your home. 
I will be sending this over at the end of the week.

Enjoy!!  :)


  1. This is a very special pillow.Congrats!!

  2. Do you have the measurements for the strips you used to make this pattern? I'm thinking of making one for my partner this round. Yours is gorgeous :)

    1. The strips are 1" wide (finished). Each block is 5" (finished). There are 16 blocks in all. I added an inch border so final size was 21" x 21. I hope this help.

  3. i adore your pillow! i've had it pinned for months. now i'm thinking of using one of the "stars" in the center of a 6.5" block for an extra block in my farmer's wife quilt. it won't be a traditional log cabin since it won't start with a small square in the middle. but, can you think of what a block like that could be called?